The 14th edition of the Asalto Festival unites locals with murals, Zaragoza 2019

The Asalto Festival has celebrated its 14th edition in Zaragoza and continues to spread public art throughout the city.

Between 16th and 22th September 2019 street artists Dimitris Taxis (Greece), Hello’o Collective (Belgium), Isabel Garmón (Spain), Maiky Maik (Spain), Spogo (Spain) and Urku, (Ecuador) have created murals in Las Fuentes and adapted their personal style to every aspect of the neighbourhood’s lifestyle and setting.

It is important to the festival’s organisation that it adapts to the daily life of the neighbourhood and responds to the concerns of its inhabitants.

Check out the new murals below …

It is undeniable that the public art collection that has been created over the years is a tourist attraction for the city of Zaragoza, but what Asalto provides above all is that accessibility to art and culture and the humanisation of public spaces for residents.

Photo credit Asalto



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