The Aftenblad Wall, Jordan Seiler, Nuart

During 2015 festivities Nuart did their own collaboration with Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper and launched a new public art initiative that will see invited artists create work on a large-scale billboard in the heart of Stavanger, called ‘The Aftenblad Wall’. The wall provides selected Norwegian and international contemporary artists the opportunity to adopt the scale and visibility of advertising to display their work in the public domain. The first Aftenblad Wall’s inaugural artist was the Canadian painter Sandra Chevrier.

In a world where city-dwellers are exposed to 3000 – 4000 advertisements per day, subverting advertisements (or ‘subvertising’) has become a useful tool for challenging the number of commercial messages in our urban environment. Nuart

The Aftenblad Wall is unique in that it is a permanent site for public art rather than a temporary billboard intervention. So to invite New York-based artist and activist Jordan Seiler to be part of Nuart’s on-going public art project seemed an obvious choice.

Jordan Seiler founded PublicAdCampaign at the beginning of the millennium while attending The Rhode Island School of Design. Since it’s inception, Seiler has used billboards as canvases for his own artwork and successfully coordinated multiple large-scale ‘interventions’ to draw attention to the expanding industry of outdoor advertising, especially in public space.

Jordan isn’t new to Stavanger In 2012,he introduced the NO AD mobile app to the world at Nuart Festival. Produced in collaboration with Jowy Romano of Subway Art Blog, the app swaps outdoor advertisements with a curated selection of art. This latest project with Nuart is a natural evolution of the NO AD concept and hints at the potential role of augmented reality technology in shaping our future cities.

His contribution to The Aftenblad Wall project utilised augmented reality technology to bring the billboard to life in the digital space. Using the newly developed NuART x PAC app for iOS and Android, users can scroll through a selection of images and videos which are ‘unlocked’ by holding a digital device in front of Seiler’s image.

The app ‘recognises’ the artwork to unlock a series of images and videos on your digital device.

check out the video here.

Jordan also found time to make some of his trademark ‘ad busts’ in and around the city centre while he was here as well as sit down with Heather Jones of Contemporary Art Stavanger (a fellow New Yorker) for an interview about his public art practice.



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