THE ART OF BANKSY, Street Art Show, Amsterdam 2016

THE ART OF BANKSY show has now come to Netherlands artistic capital, Amsterdam! Premiering in Istanbul, the show presents unforgettable art pieces by famous street artist Banksy and consists of key artworks that mark the prolific street artist’s colourful journey to fame.

Original canvasses, paintings, sculptures and interactive storytelling let’s you experience poignant periods of Banksy’s career. All pieces come from private collectors and Steve Lazarides collection.

Steve Lazarides, an English art gallery owner best known for his role as former agent for street artist Banksy, is the curator of the show. The exhibition is the largest collection that has ever been brought together.

“There are over 85 art pieces in the exhibition, which makes it the biggest show of Banksy. What we are doing is to make the whole scenario a unique and never seen experience.” Steve Lazarides

Banksy’s popular ‘Girl with Balloon‘, ‘Laugh Now‘ and ‘Flying Copper‘ are along the 85 other Banksy pieces on show, some pieces have never been seen before which makes this experience even more special and extraordinary.

The exhibition features a recreation of London’s streets, a typical Londoner home and Banksy’s recreated workshop.

Visitors will get the chance to become a part of Banksy’s genius world and witness his strong controversial statements, with Banksy’s poetic and energetic humour.

Out of the many works Banksy has produced, the ‘Banksy Rat’ has always been a reoccurring theme. The stenciled rat first appeared on the Paris street art scene in the 70’s by French artist ‘Blek le Rat’, years later the use of rats become prominent again in the stencil scene with the onslaught of Banksy.

“Every time I think I’ve painted something original I find out that Blek le Rat has done it as well, only 20 years earlier.” Banksy

The whole collection on display is estimated to be worth 20 million-pounds!! On the topic of money, Banksy’s Princess Diana Ten Pound notes are also on display. The artwork is a copy of a ten pound note, and features Princess Diana where the Queen is usually found. In keeping with Banksy’s satirical style, it is playfully marked “Banksy of England” with “I promise to pay the bearer the ultimate price” printed underneath, referring to the Princesses death. Not one to shy away with coverage of Princess Diana’s life and death his conceptual piece at Dismaland was also thought provoking.

We leave you with more photos below of the show.

Although worldwide Banksy’s work has never appeared on walls or streets in the Amsterdam. The exhibition makes the work for the first time accessible for Dutch Banksy fans and runs from 18th June until 30th September 2016. Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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