The Artrium Project brings 11 renowned street artists to Moscow’s Atrium Mall, 2019

Last year team Atrium and team Gumball 3000 dreamt BIG! and concocted a plan to bring world renowned artists together to paint the huge Atrium Mall! Artrium’s mission was to acquaint the public with current street art from around the world and to inspire a creative environment for new cultural exploits.

Fast forward a year and the Artrium project has been achieved! The Artrium project brought together eleven renowned names from the global street art scene. For the first time in their careers’ Shepard Fairey, Felipe Pantone, Tristan Eaton, Ben Eine, PichiAvo, Okuda San Miguel, Pokras Lampas, Faith47, WK Interact, Faust, Haculla were challenged to create on the façade of the Atrium Mall.

Over the course of four months, the walls of Moscow’s Atrium Mall have been transformed into a sprawling canvas of unbridled artistic expression. As a result, the location has now become Moscow’s primary street art destination, drawing thousands of spectators and art lovers on a daily basis.

“The true vocation of art is to serve as an open means of expression, communication and empowerment, focus on a wide audience, and not only on high-brow connoisseurs and frequent visitors to galleries and museums. Every day on the facade of the Atrium, thousands of people see works of art whose images and slogans make you think — this is the real role of art.” Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey’s mural was titled “Art is the Hammer” and is inspired by the famous Brecht slogan: “Art is not a mirror reflecting reality, but a hammer that forges it.” This is his first large scale work in Russia.

Felipe Pantone‘s painting is titled “Data Fall Chromo Dynamics” and paints in his “fragmented” geometric compositions with bright colour accents. In addition to painting on the facade, Pantone created his first public art object — a 24-meter installation “Data Fountain” located in the central hall of the Atrium.

Tristan Eaton‘s mural is titled “Tower”. He has completed two large scale works at Artrium. The first, is a massive portrait of a futuristic space man, the second, a sprawling spire that showcases a woman’s portrait, fused with classical Russian cultural elements.

WK Interact, mural is titled “4 PEACE”. One of his most famous works “Brave” is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11 in the United States. He shares the wall with Faith47‘s mural “Within me you awoke the long forgotten”. In her work, she disarms the strategies of global politics, protecting everyone’s right to personal freedom.

Haculla‘s mural is untitled, and is most brutal street art artist in the Artrium collection, you can see his painting in Moscow on the exit of the underground parking lot of Atrium.

Pokras Lampas created a piece titled “Maze of the Atrium” located at the main entrance to the building. According to the author’s artistic plan, this part of the building is presented as a rhythmic architectural form, resembling a labyrinth, in the very heart of this microcosm, people from all over the world meet with various cultural codes and stories. The painting hides the keywords that unite us all: ĤØᑭΣ / Ł0ƲΣ / ÇᖇΞА卞Σ ‘Hope, Love, Create’.

Pichiavo‘s mural is titled “Faith, Hope, Love”. The images of the god Eros, the god of love, and his muses of beauty and art seem to remind us that there is no beauty without love in the eyes of those who contemplate it.

Ben Eine paints “The Greater Good” in his bright typographic style is designed to show that street art is different from graffiti. For Artrium, Ben created two walls, one spells : “Moscow Moscow”, the second : “The Greater Good.”

For Artrium Okuda created a massive corner piece entitled: “Free Love”.

For Artrium, Faust created his first work in Russian, it reads: Держи Слово, “Keep Your Word.” in red and white.

A teaser 3 min video, directed by Georgy Tarasov, showcases the artists and their works. The longer film created by UK’s Tupman Brothers, in collaboration with Chop Em Down films and Cameraptor, is set to premier at the end of May.

Starting from June, Artrium will host a new wave of artists. Names of participants will be announced on a weekly basis on Artrium’s Instagram.

The Artrium project is supported by Moscow’s Department of Culture and is intended to serve as an unspoken element in urban navigation.



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