The Avant-Garde Mural Festival ignites Positivity during COVID-19 Lockdown in Tudela, Spain 2020

The ‘Avant-Garde‘ mural festival has been taking place during June in Tudela, Spain. A welcome break from the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mural event, curated by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada and organised by Tudela-Cultura (concejalía de cultura del Ayuntamiento de Tudela) took place from 8th to 14th of June 2020. Artists invited include Miss Van, Mina Hamada and Jeff McCreight ‘Ru8icon’ who all contributed to its 7th edition.

The festival happened during the Spanish government’s phase three of COVID-19 lockdown, so safety and special measures were adhered to, to make the festival safe for all in attendance.

“Against all odds, it has been a great success! After all this time staying at our homes, we feel really lucky for being one of the first street art festivals maybe in the whole world. Everyone has loved to have the chance to watch some colour and joy”. Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, artist and curator of Avant Garde Tudela

Three new medium and large scale murals were added this year to the twentyone former mural’s already in Tudela.

Miss Van has painted ‘Las Gitanas/ The gypsies’ at Tudela, the biggest wall of her career. The two sensual muses gift the town a sensorial experience through a magical, poetic and unique feminine mural.

Mina Hamada opens the door to a world of imagination, transporting the observer into a vibrant universe full of shapes and colours that evoke mother nature, the elements and the environment.

Jeff McCreight, aka ‘Ru8icon’ has painted two kids jumping into a pool or the river. His artwork is an allegation in pro of joy and happiness, about the excellent quality of life that can be experienced in Tudela. A representation of the purest expression of people having fun without any further thoughts, without worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Located in a beautiful environment and framed by a spectacular landscape.

“The artists have given life and freedom to the same walls where we have been confined”. Alejandro Toquero, Mayor of Tudela

The festival has now wrapped up its 7th edition and has brought positivity and happiness to the community of Tudela during these uncertain times.

Photo credit Fer Alcalá



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