The Bloop Street Art and Technology Festival, Ibiza 2018 is coming!!!

The BLOOP Festival in Ibiza is getting ready for its 8th Edition and is taking us from Street Art to Technology, the next universal language!! The 17 days cultural festival takes place from 23th August to 8th September 2018 and brings to Ibiza a hive of creative activity, including street art, and all for free!

The 8th edition of the BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival unveils its face. 14 artists from eclectic disciplines gather to the white isle to build aesthetics for the 2018 theme: HOPE. Spotlighting our society in which the light of hope has and is dimming over the years.

Murals, virtual reality, interactive installations, paintings, children`s workshops and more will be showcased throughout the 17 days of fiesta. All completely for FREE as “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY” at BLOOP, opening doors to the world of art to a universal audience.

Artists invited include Amadama, Atelier Biokip, Daniel Kurniczak, Digital Genetic Pasta, INO, K24, Kata, Kawa, Lospino, Pineapple crocodile, SaidDokins, Silva Ramacci, Spaik, SPY and Tranz Lasagne.

Check out the futuristic teaser… Welcome to the world, a place you’ll pass by … and now you wont go back!

BLOOP reaches a turning point with its 2017 CHANGES edition and this year their new side consolidates its presence in the program: TECHNOLOGY. For the HOPE edition street art and technology, BLOOP`s beginnings and now, will be set forth as a demonstration of how art as a language changes and evolves. When the Festival started off back in 2011, street art was the form that disseminated a clear message efficiently to a young and greater audience. Whereas now technology is starting to be the new universal language.

At the BLOOP Headquarters (BLOOP HQ), alias Biokip Atelier located at the end of Eivissa`s harbor will be dedicated to TECHNOLOGY. Virtual reality, interactive installations and other creative technologies by Biokip Labs featuring names like Lo Spino, K24, Tranz Lasagne, Pineapple Crocodile, Silva Ramacci and Daniel Kurniczak will be exhibited. On your way to the BLOOP HQ, the famous seafront promenade will go BLOOP as well with open air exhibitions and sound installations by K24, Kawa and Tranz Lasagne.

The renowned OpenAir.Gallery continues to expand its collection. A long term project to convert the entire island into a true gallery under the skies for all. It was one of the first of their kind and now holds nearly 30 murals and installations sprinkled across the white isle. This year the likes of Said Dokins and SpY will participate for the first time and Spaik and Ino will come back for their third time to the festival.



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