The Crystal Ship Street Art Festival Brings 14 International Artists to Oostende, Belgium

The streets of Oostende are set to become an open-air museum once again as the annual arts festival, The Crystal Ship, gears up for a new edition from 25 March to 6 April 2024.

This year, the festival boasts a lineup of 14 international artists who will transform the city with their striking murals and installations. The festival is renowned for bringing art to people of all ages, both locals and visitors alike. The festival’s theme for this year is ‘Carnival of Life’, which draws inspiration from Belgian artist James Ensor, who painted life through the lens of the carnival, creating unsettling and often satirical works. 

Bjørn Van Pouke curated the festival, and selected artists were chosen for their link, subtle or otherwise, with the painter’s work, or at least with the theme. The works they create may also be carnivalesque, festive, and rock ‘n’ roll, with social, socially critical quips also appreciated.

For the first time in the festival’s history, The Crystal Ship has added an American co-curator, Carlo McCormick, who was part of the New York art and music scene in the ’70s and ’80s and has been a huge admirer of James Ensor since childhood.

The festival’s full line-up for this year includes Case Maclaim (DE), KMG (UK), Dulk (ES), En Plein Public (BE), Hoxxoh (USA), Hera (DE), Katie Green (CA), Marina Capdevilla (ES), Pixel Pancho (IT), Wayne Horse (DE), Motel7 (ZA), Carlos Sugliano (AR), Jaune (BE), and Ilke Cop (BE).

The festival will officially launch on 25 March, allowing art lovers to witness the artists at work as they create their masterpieces. Various side activities, including debates and workshops, will also be organised. On 6 April, all artworks will be finished, concluding the event.

Image Copyright The Crystal Ship

The Crystal Ship is an annual arts festival that brings international artists to Oostende to transform the city into a vibrant art gallery. Since its inception, the festival has tackled more than 100 walls, ranging from large surfaces to small interventions. The festival encourages everyone to participate in this celebration of creativity and art in public spaces. With the diverse group of artists and the exceptional theme, The Crystal Ship promises to be another exciting and colourful edition. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary experience and enjoy the artistic transformation of the city of Oostende.



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