The Lodhi Art Festival invites Singaporean Artists for a Special Dedicated Lane, Delhi 2019

St+art India Foundation have just wrapped up Lodhi Art Festival 2019, supported by Asian Paints. The Lodhi Art Festival 2019 is an expansion of the flagship project – The Lodhi Art District with an addition of 20+ murals to new Delhi. The festival ran for 6 weeks until mid-march 2019 and was a true celebration of diversity, cultures and inclusivity, making art accessible to all.

As part of the festival St+art collaborated with Singapore Tourism Board for a special project ‘Passion Meets Possibilities’. The Singaporean artists invited to paint a special Singapore lane between Khanna Market and Meherchand Market were Sam Lo, Eugene Soh, Yip Yew Chong and Yok and Sheryo.

“We are happy to partner with St+art India Foundation and Impresario Group for the second time, after a successful collaboration in Mumbai in 2017. This time around, our partnership will showcase Singaporean art and culture in New Delhi. With young Indian travellers increasingly seeking different, immersive and authentic experiences, we seek innovative ways of connecting with them and presenting Singapore in a different light. The Singaporean artists at the Festival, driven by their passion for artistic expression and creativity, embody our brand Passion Made Possible. They will convey to the Festival visitors a sense of the dynamic spirit of Singapore by sharing their journeys in pursuing their passions.” Mr. GB Srithar, Regional Director (South Asia, Middle East and Africa) Singapore Tourism Board

Yok & Sheryo mural ‘Letters for Lodhi” took inspiration from Indian matchboxes and playfully encrypted a few hidden messages within the mural. Justice, Equality, Health and Fortune all form a clear indication of the core message behind the piece which are meant to be evocative of the Indian public service announcements in bus and train stations. There is a central arch which the artists call the ‘Gupt Dwar’ meaning ‘secret passageway’ as they believe Lodhi to be a place rich in cultural treasures and generous people. The passageway is meant to lead you to good health and fortune and is guarded by two cats on the sides who protect you as you journey through it. This mural stands at block 16 in Lodhi Colony, in the Singapore Lane

Sam Lo, together with her friend Soph, painted “Cause & Effect” at block 13 in Lodhi Colony. A piece that she hopes will give a sense of calmness and mindfulness. The mural tells the story of how a little sparrow’s actions are tied to another’s fate. As free as they may be, or think that they may be, they make their decisions with all the information they have on hand, while dealing with their shadow selves and their environment. The mural puts the viewers at the centre of its storytelling, for them to wonder about one’s freedom and relationship with all the others.

Singaporean artist Yip Yew Chong painted ‘Impressions of Lodhi’ who related to the everyday scenes of Street life depicted in his work from the markets of Lodhi colony and Khanna market, to the neighbouring regions He is well known for creating interactive pieces which invite people to become a part of his work and paints characters that are inspired by people passing by and inhabit the streets on a daily basis. Find the mural in Lodhi Colony, block 13.

Lastly we show you the wall of Eugene Soh on the Singapore lane.



Photo Credit Pranav Gohil / Ashat / Federico Angeloni



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