The London Doodle Marathon by Mr Doodle is a 50-Hour Spectacle of Creativity and Charity, 2017

Mr Doodle, the acclaimed doodler and social media sensation, is all set to take on his most ambitious doodling spectacle that will last for 50 hours straight. Starting at 10 am on Friday, August 18, the marathon will continue until Sunday, August 20, at the artist-led souvenir store, We Built This City, located at 56b Carnaby Street. 

The event will see Mr Doodle create a live, unplanned design onto the storefront of We Built This City, before heading into the store to continue his work. The ‘crazy doodler’ will doodle across paper-covered walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and everything in between. 

Photo Credit Mr Doodle

The event is not just about celebrating creativity but also about giving back to society. All profits from the sales of the doodled-on paper, which will make up the installation, will be donated to The Teapot Trust – a charity that uses art therapy to help young people cope with long-term medical conditions. 

If you want to be a part of this unique event, head down to the store and witness Mr Doodle in action. You can also follow @CarnabyLondon for live updates and stand the chance to win exclusive limited edition prints from the installation. 

This event is not just about doodling, but it’s a beautiful initiative that combines creativity with charity. So, be a part of this amazing event to witness creativity at its best and contribute to a good cause!

Join Mr Doodle for a London Doodle Marathon at We Built This City

Photo Credit Mr Doodle

London Doodle Marathon
Friday 18 August – Sunday 20 August
We Built This City
56b Carnaby Street



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