The Meaning Behind Banksy’s ‘Barcode’ – Explained

Banksy’s Barcode has intrigued audiences ever since it first appeared on the side of a house in Bristol. The stencil of a fearless leopard breaking free from its cage has sparked multiple interpretations, making it a thought-provoking piece of art.

At first glance, the mural appears to critique the exploitation of animals. Zoos and sea parks are notorious for their treatment of animals, and the illegal trade and commodification of wildlife have long been controversial issues. The image of a leopard breaking free from its cage made entirely out of a barcode, is a powerful reminder of how we treat animals as mere commodities.

However, Banksy’s Barcode is not limited to just one interpretation. Another possible meaning of the artwork is that it critiques consumer culture and its ability to strip us of our individuality and humanity. In this interpretation, the leopard represents humanity, and the barcode represents the way in which people are reduced to mere numbers or statistics.

The barcode symbolises capitalism and consumerism, which can make us forget our true nature and what makes us unique. By depicting the leopard breaking free from the confines of the barcode, Banksy encourages us to think critically about the way in which we treat the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it. The artwork makes a powerful statement about the commodification of animals and the dangers of consumer culture. It reminds us of preserving our individuality and reconnecting with our true nature. It just leaves everyone wondering what scanning barcode 3145431762 means.

Purchase Banksy’s ‘Barcode’ unsigned screenprint

Banksy’s ‘Barcode’ Screenprint

Year: 2004

Medium: Screen print on cream wove paper

Size: 50×70 cm (19 3/4 x 27 1/2 inches)

Publisher: Pictures on Walls

Signed Edition: 150 and Unsigned Edition: 600 and Artist’s Proofs: Unknown

Banksy also realised many originals with this iconic stencil.

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