The Meaning Behind Pejac’s ‘YIN-YANG Diptych’ – Explained

Pejac’s Yin-Yang diptych print features one of his most popular drawings from his Paris show, recreated on a larger scale. The artwork is a powerful representation of the artist’s recurring themes of global warming and climate change.

The artwork portrays an Inuit man fishing through a hole in thick ice, symbolising the fragility of the environment and the adaptability of humans. Pejac has created a “before and after” storyline with this piece, reversing the image’s content and placing the subject on a solitary block of ice floating on water. This transformation highlights the extent of the crisis humanity is facing and transforms the relationship between the key elements into the structure of a universally recognised symbol for eternal balance.

Yin-Yang is a powerful work of art that speaks to the urgent need for action on climate change. The print is not only visually stunning but also carries a strong message relevant to our planet’s current state.

Credit copyright Pejac

Pejac collaborated with Avant Arte to raise awareness and funds for NGOs working on this matter. Avant Arte pre-released an edition of 10 hand-embellished impressions, with 75% of the proceeds going to Save the Med, an NGO working with Mediterranean marine ecosystems. One day later, on July 3rd at 6 pm (CEST), Pejac offered the official edition’s 90 examples of the diptych through his website. Pejac’s Yin-Yang diptych print ‘Special Edition’ is out of 30.

Pejac’s Yin-Yang diptych print ‘Special Edition’

Medium: Hand-pulled photopolymer prints with hand-finished details on Canson edition Blanco extra 320gr

Edition: 30

Size: 71.5 × 97 cm | 28 1/10 × 38 1/5 in (Dimensions listed are for each sheet)

Description: Signed and numbered by The Artist. Sold unframed in original crate. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Year: 2019

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