‘The World of Tomorrow’ Mural by DOURONE, Pyramid of Abidjan, Ivory Coast 2023

Street art duo Fabio Lopez Gonzalo and Elodie Arshak, known as Dourone, have just finished painting a colourful mural on the Pyramid of Abidjan in the Ivory Coast.

Dourone were invited by Deux Cinq Un agency to work on the Pyramid of Abidjan, an architectural jewel of the Ivory Coast. The celebration of art breathes new life into this emblematic monument of the brutalist and avant-garde movement of the 1970s, a major piece by architect Olivieri Rinaldo. The emblematic tower has fallen into disuse for twenty years, and the project “Pyramid 2023, tomorrow is already born” aims to give it a second life for its 50th anniversary, curated by Otto Lemon and Elizabeth Saad.

This project welcomes Ivorian and international artists, Issa DIABATÉ, KATRE, DOURONE, Pascal KONAN, Annick LIA, Amah Cynthia DONGO SETH ONE and Ezechiel Akpo Essis the students from INSAAC.

Dourone painted a mural entitled “The world of tomorrow” now culminates at a height of 64 meters high, which makes it the highest mural in all of West Africa ever painted. This open-air performance was made in just 10 days, entirely with a brush and has 63 colours.

“The world of tomorrow” is a representation of a young, dynamic and constantly evolving Africa where the present and the future are juxtaposed and the future is, through a portrait of a young girl, a bearer of strength and determination.

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Photo Credit Dourone



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