Thierry Noir and STIK paint two sections of the Berlin Wall to mark the 30th anniversary of its fall, November 2019

Thierry Noir and STIK have collaborated with the Imperial War Museum to paint two original segments of the Berlin wall, which came down on 9 November 1989 signalling the end of the Cold War.

The duos collaboration marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Titled ‘WALL’ the composition features two figures facing towards each other, the ‘past engaging with the present’.

Noir began to paint the Berlin Wall in 1984 and is credited as being the first artist to systematically paint long stretches of the wall.  Noir’s objective was to make the wall ridiculous. Noir had to paint as quickly as possible due to the east-German soldiers, using the recipe of ‘two ideas, three colours’.

French artist Thierry Noir lived in a squat near the Berlin Wall and began painting the wall in 1984, a form of artistic resistance and political commentary.

STIK continues the tradition of street art as a tool of social change. His Stik figures voice the struggles facing communities around the world.

‘I hope our collaboration on the Berlin Wall will highlight the importance of connection between people through times of division and change,’ STIK.

This new artwork by STIK and Thierry Noir stands outside IWM London’s main entrance, and will be on display throughout November 2019 until 1 December 2019. 

Photo Credit GraffitiStreet



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