TWOONE Paints for the Wall Street Art Festival, Paris 2018

Japanese, Berlin based, street artist Hiroyasu Tsuri, aka TWOONE, has been busy painting in the city of Lieusaint for the ‘Wall Street Art Festival 2018, curated by Gautier Jourdain of Le Mur, 100 walls of youth and galerie Mathgoth.

TWOONE has lived and worked in Berlin since 2014, where he continues his artistic experimentation. He paints murals all over the world: Berlin, Australia, Falls Creek, Hong Kong, Miami, Bangkok and his style is rich and varied.

TWOONE likes to paint faces or animals, realistic or dreamlike, but always close to the essence of living beings.

For the Wall Street Art Festival TWOONE drew a bird, more precisely an egret. An egret is any of several herons, most of which are white or buff.

The word “egret” comes from the French word “aigrette” that means both “silver heron” and “brush”, referring to the long filamentous feathers that seem to cascade down an egret’s back during the breeding season.

In a recent report about the fauna and flora of the local pond TWOONE was interested in the comments made by scientists… “No wintering this year”.

This bird that TWOONE represented did not reappear this year around the pond. This inspired him to think of withdrawal, something or someone who is lost or distant.

Check out the video of all the action by Thomas Granovsky of below…


Photo Credit Galerie Mathgoth



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