UPEA Street Art Festival, Finland 2018

The third annual, Street Art Festival UPEA took over 12 different Finnish cities during the month of September 2018.

UPEA18 invited local and international artists, such as Andrew Hem, Case Maclaim, David de la Mano, Sainer, Fabio Petani, Leon Keer, Gummy Gue, Helen Bur, Sepe, How & Nosm, Isaac Cordal, Jussi TwoSeven, Kenor, Mantra, Natalia Rak, Robert Proch, Pertti Jarla, Eero Lampinen, Silja Selonen and Waone.

Together the projects form an imposing and versatile series of curated walls and surroundings that will include some of the most spectacular public art projects ever seen in Finland.

UPEA is the only nationwide and by far the biggest street art event in the country. The festival features through its programme some of the current and most prominent artists from the street art scene.

UPEA is organised by the Finnish non-profit street art association Upeart. The festival started on 1st of September and finished by 30th September 2018.




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