UPNORTH Street Art Festival, Bodø, Norway 2016

UpNorth is a traveling festival that will change its location each year around Northern Norway. From last years UpNorth festival 2015 that took place in abandoned areas in Sulitjelma UpNorth 2016 moved to more urban surroundings in the city of Bodø, located just north of the Arctic Circle, and is the largest urban area and city in Nordland county, and the second-largest in North Norway with 50 000 inhabitants.

Invited artists to this years festival includes David de la Mano (es), Millo (it), Animalito (arg), Dzia (be), Rustam Qbic (rus), SinnsykShit (no) Atle Østrem (no) and David de la Mano (es), with a visit from Urban Nation Berlin and DotDotDot (no).

In July Bodø has the midnight sun, and 24 hour of daylight! And Millo represented this unique light with his mural titled ‘insomnia’

Dzia painted the ‘Golden Eagle’ in the sea eagle capital of the world!

Atle Østrem paints in his signature style…

SinnsykShit was invited to Bodø to recreate an old graffiti piece from 1984. This graffiti piece is probably one of Norway’s oldest pieces painted in July/August 1984 by Junior and his crew and represents the birth of graffiti in Norway!

Rustam Qbic mural was titled ‘Painting the Northern lights’, An aurora which is a natural light display in the sky, predominantly seen in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions.

DotDotDot and David De la Mano painted together…

David de la mano also painted a huge mural by himself.

Animalito paints another cute wall which halves the scenery into Norweign and Argentina children dressed in traditional clothes playing with a deer and a lama.

Photo credit Rune Mareliussen of Rustam Qbic



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