UPNORTH Street Art Festival, Røst, Norway 2017

UpNorth is a travelling festival that will change its location each year around Northern Norway. From last years UpNorth festival 2016 that took place in the city of Bodø, this years UpNorth 2017 moved to the remote island of Røst, Lofoten in Northern Norway.

Invited artists to this years festival includes Klone Yourself, Lora Zombie, Spidertag, ELLE Street Art, NeSpoon PL, Isaac Cordal, Franco Fasoli – JAZ, Pastel Fd . The festival was co-curated, and supported with a visit, by Yasha Young from Urban Nation Berlin.

The small island produces fish and fish-related products worth more than £31 million!! Dzia based his mural on this.

The island has a rich cultural life and this year UPNorth decided to add to the beauty of Røst. Klone yourself paints on an abandoned building next to the sea.

The island is also known for it’s birdlife, especially the Puffin. Every year in June there is a popular festival in honour of the puffin called Lundefestivalen. Ino wall is about the bird watchers on the island taking photos of the birds there, without asking the birds. No photos, please!

As an isolated island municipality, there are no road connections to Røst. It can be reached by boat or airplane. Lora uses her imagination perfectly …

Jaz’s mural draws the eye to the fish tree in the centre. The two images are mirror imaged with a twist! The figure is cleverly painted on the left in reverse.

Nespoon paints a venetian lace pattern onto a fisherman’s building, pulling together the islands medieval history and the connection with Italy.  The origin of trade between northern Norway and Italy, that made possible the combination of Norwegian stockfish and Italian cooking, came about by the shipwrecked Venetian sea captain called Pietro Querini, who was rescued by the islanders in 1432.

Again, Elle paints her mural based on the shipwreck of Pietro Querini,  also incorporating and inspired by her favourite painting, the Raft of Medusa by Géricault.

Pastel finds the local flowers of the land he paints in, this one is attached to a broken sea hedgehog, usually dropped by a seagull.

Isaac Cordal places one of his sculptures looking out to sea …

The official opening will take place on Røst today Friday 7th of July. There will be DJs, Artwalk, BBQ, beers and lots of street art!! Just don’t get trapped in Spidertag’s abandoned house and miss all the action!


Photo Credit our buddy @toris64



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