Urban Nation | Street Art Project M/9, Berlin 2016

From June 6th to 12th, Charlotte Dutoit of JustKids and Rom Levy of StreetArtNews, were invited by Urban Nation, Berlin, to take over their signature event Project M, with this project being M/9. Bringing some summer vibes to Berlin they selected six internationally acclaimed street artists to create murals around the future museum building in Bülowstrasse 7, in the german capital Berlin.

Artists invited to paint murals around the cultural city were 1010, Askew, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Borondo, Eron and Fafi.

Spanish street artist Borondo created his highest piece to date, a fourteen story building divided into two vertical sections. The mural portrays on one side a young girl looking through the wall to a classical figure of St. Sebastian in a dense forest landscape on the other side.

French artist Fafi, who painted the Berlin wall many years ago, created her alluring and powerful Fafinette heroin character with a colorful background on a six story building, her largest mural to date.

Brazilian duo Bicicleta Sem Freio painted birds, rooster, feathers, lush vegetation and a hand in their signature bright colours and tropical signature elements, now their second mural in Berlin.

Askew from New Zealand continued exploring the theme of identity by creating a gorgeous colourful portrait of his friend Sua, who is German and New Zealand Samoan.

German artist 1010 completed his largest mural in Berlin, with this brand new piece playing with our perception to trick our mind…

Italian street artist Eron paint the “Finish Line” / Soul of the Wall. With his original spray painting technique, the artist achieved a unique design simulating a rusty liquid drip coming from the air vent that stains the wall in a shape of a Marathon runner crossing a highly symbolic barbed wire line.

The painting week was finalised with a group exhibition showcasing the works of eleven artists including Tristan Eaton, Felipe Pantone, Okuda San Miguel, Crystal Wagner, Maser, Jan Kaláb, 010, Askew, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Borondo, Eron and Fafi.



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