Wall to Wall Festival, Benalla 2015

The regional town of Benalla in Victoria’s North East has been brought to life by beautiful street art murals. On Friday the 27th until Sunday the 29th of March, local and international street artists transformed 13 walls in the small town of Benalla for the Wall to Wall Festival.

Wall to Wall is the first annual street art festival in Benalla, curated by Juddy Roller with the support of the Benalla Street Art Committee. The festival is all about rejuvenating the regional town and what better way to do is is to invite some big names in the street art world to paint bomb the walls out of Benalla. The line up for the three day festival includes: Adnate, Askew, Choq, Deams, Dvate, Ears, Guido Van Helton, Slicer, Rashe, Rone, Shwan Lu and Sirum. 

 “We are really happy with the response from the locals, they really appreciate what has happened here. The festival has a big future and will be looking to curate even more high profile, international artists for the return of Wall to Wall” Shaun Hossack, the events artistic director 

Melbourne born street artist Rone paints his beautiful women. His choice for the Wall to Wall festival was that of local girl Darcy. Her self portrait is now immortalised on the old SEC building wall and looks stunning.

Painting next to Rone, Australian street artist Matt Adnate, spent a few days up high on his cherry picker to complete another stunning street portrait. His realistic style is the signature to his work and is beautiful.

Guido Van Helton subject for the festival is of a unknown young boy outside Australian icon Ned Kelly‘s house in Greta, near Benalla, in the 1920s. His work is often about memories and a window into the past which doesn’t exist any more. Guido captured the old effect of the photograph by scratching at the paint. Guido wanted to give new life to this photograph and he certainly has.

DVATE paints the endangered Squirrel Glider which lives in south-east Australia. The relative rarity of the Squirrel Glider in recent times is a good indicator of the scarcity of remaining quality habitat around.

Sirum the venom graffiti artist shows us his love of snakes with this Red Belly Black Snake mural. Sirum murals depict endangered or misunderstood wildlife native to Australia. The snake is found locally and is placid , however the reptile is often misunderstood because of the red stripes to be dangerous. Sirum links this to Ned Kelly who felt he too was misunderstood.

Sydney artist Ears, Daniel O’Toole, has been a mainstay of the street scene for years. His beautiful curling eyes and solemn, funny faces have adorned many a wall. This mural was originally black and white but Ears decided to add some colour and it certainly works well for us!

New zealand street artist ASKEW ONE is recognised worldwide for his unique approach to graffiti art and remains at the forefront of the international art scene. Here Askew is painting over the ‘Benalla online’ sign which was in much need of a graffiti make over.

The festival has ended now but catch all the action, work in progress and all the finished murals, on the wrap up video by Edward Whitfield and presented by Juddy Roller here.


Photos courtesy of Edward Whitfield, Benalla street art and Wall to Wall






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