‘We The People’, Shepard Fairey Brings New Hope to Washington DC, 2017

Eight years ago, the artist Shepard Fairey made the iconic image that captured a period of HOPE in America by using an image of Barack Obama.

For today’s Inauguration day (20th January 2017), the politically outspoken artist is back,  this time using his art to create thought provoking  images for the ‘We The People’ campaign. The purpose of which is to reject hate, fear, and racism, something that was normalised during the 2016 presidential campaign. So on Inauguration Day, ‘We the People’ flooded Washington, DC with NEW symbols of hope.

The art was commissioned by the Amplifier Foundation, from some of the greatest activist artists working today, such as, Shepard, Ernesto Yerena, and Jessica Sabogal. They have all collaborated with photographers to create a series of images that capture the shared humanity of a diverse America.

The artworks were free to download and were placed as advertisements in news papers across America so everybody had access to the campaign and images.


Yet, Inauguration day isn’t the only time and place that these artists plan or encourage the use of their work. There are more posters designed specifically for the Women’s March tomorrow in Washington, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and smaller cities around the world hosting “Sister Marches”. Here is just a sample of the posters available to download via The Amplifier Foundation

“The Women’s March on Washington aims to send a message to all levels of government, including but not limited to the incoming Presidential administration, that we stand together in solidarity and we expect elected leaders to act to protect the rights of women, their families and their communities.” Womens March Washington

So say it Loud and say it Clear… We the People Reject Hate, Fear, and Racism.



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