Wide Open Walls Street Art Festival, Sacramento, USA 2017

The Wide Open Walls mural festival took place from 10th -20th August 2017. The festival brought over forty artists, local, national and international, to the Sacramento area. This year’s event added to the region’s already venerable history of mural painting , of which it has produced over six hundred murals over the last forty years! impressive!

The festival celebrates the relevancy and diversity of street art, and transforms walls and neighbourhoods throughout the downtown area and beyond. The festival promotes artists to publicly enagae with the public, from gallery openings, public mural tours, artists’ receptions and panels.

There was a Wall Ball , an art-themed fundraiser for arts education and the unique opportunity to watch artists as they create these large-scale works of art.

Artists invited to take part were Adnate (Melbourne, Australia, Artners Collaborative (Sacramento, USA), Askew One (Auckland, New Zealand), Bryan Valenzuela (Sacramento, USA), Cara Franceska Gamez (Sacramento, USA), How Nosm (NYC, USA),Jake Castro (Sacramento, USA),Jeff Musser (Sacramento, USA), Jeremiah Kille (Santa Cruz, USA), Jeremy Stanger (Sacramento, USA), John Horton (Sacramento, USA), Jorit Agoch (Naples, Italy), Jose Di Gregorio (Sacramento, USA), Josh Everhorn (Los Angeles, USA), Kinetik Ideas (Sacramento, USA), Lopan and Ernie Fresh (Sacramento, USA), Lora Zombie (Voronezh, Russia), Ludo (Los Angeles, USA), Maren Conrad (Sacramento, USA), Micah Crandall-Bear (Sacramento, USA), Miles Toland (Nevada City, USA), Molly-Devin (Sacramento, USA), Nosego (Los Angeles, USA), Okuda (Madrid, Spain), Phlegm (Sheffield, UK), Raphael Delgado (Sacramento, USA), Roy Gonzalez (Laguna Beach, USA), Shaun Burner (Sacramento, USA), Stephanie Taylor (Sacramento, USA), SV-Williams, (Sacramento, USA), Tavar Zawacki (BERLIN, GERMANY), TRAV (Los Angeles, USA),Tyson Anthony Roberts (Sacramento, USA) and Waylon Horner (Sacramento, USA).

Check out the action below …

Photo Credit WOW916



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