WK Interact’s Mural Jumps 4 Peace, The Moscow Atrium Mall 2019

Team Atrium and team Gumball 3000 have brought world renowned artists together to wrap the Moscow Atrium Mall in street art! Artrium’s mission was to acquaint the public with current street art from around the world and to inspire a creative environment for new cultural exploits.

The Artrium project invited eleven world renowned street artists to take on the challenge. Artists invited were; Shepard Fairey, Felipe Pantone, Tristan Eaton, Ben Eine, PichiAvo, Okuda San Miguel, Pokras Lampas, Faith47, WK Interact, Faust and Haculla.

WK Interact, a New York based, French artist who adheres to the status of incognito created the mural titled “4 PEACE”.

“This was a really special project as for me Moscow was one of the cities I have been looking to visit for many years , and to get the chance to create a mural there was the perfect timing, the location is just mind blowing, right in the centre . I created plenty of designs, you really need to combine your style to the culture of Russia. My works are always in some sort of motion as I do like to interact with the scale and the shape of the building. For this project I wanted to give the freedom of jumping full motion, that is also why I entitled the work “4 peace”. WK Interact

The walls of Moscow’s Atrium Mall have now become Moscow’s primary street art destination, drawing thousands of spectators and art lovers on a daily basis.



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