Wynwood Walls , Miami 2016

It’s Art Basel Miami 2016 and the sunny streets of Wynwood are once again bustling with artists, musicians, bloggers, street art murals, galleries, and art enthusiasts from all over the world. Wynwood Walls has been the epicenter of the Wynwood Arts District providing art murals on the streets since 2009, Originally created by the late Tony Goldman.

This year’s program ‘Fearless’ is based on the theory to feel the fear and do it anyway. The program invites artists to paint twelve new walls, all thematically linked by the title and a distinct double meaning– it is a call to be fearless in a world that often seems absorbed with fear.

“Every year we choose a unifying theme and ask our artists to somehow address this in their work with the goal of pushing the narrative. This year, with everything going on in the world I felt it appropriate to advocate a message of courage, in the hopes that we can all embody courage in our everyday lives. Street artists by vocation are some of the most fearless people I’ve met and here in Wynwood, we’ve grown from a marginal area that many feared to explore – into one of the most desirable art-filled locations in the world. My father (Tony Goldman) always said, ‘Don’t give in to fear,’ and this year we’re honoring that sentiment.” Jessica Goldman Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties and chief curator since 2012

Among the new murals, the program will also feature beautifully carved boulders by Ken Hiratsuka, a pioneering Japanese street artist known for chiseling intricate patterns into New York sidewalks in the 1980s and a longtime collaborative partner of the Goldman family.

“Wynwood is so alive with painted imagery. It makes me happy to show people a different form, to show images in stone.” Ken Hiratsuka

‘Fear Less’ will showcase the work of AVAF (Brazil), Beau Stanton (CA, USA), Case (Germany) Dasic Fernandez (Chile) David Choe (CA, USA), Faith47 (South Africa), Felipe Pantone (Spain), Findac (UK) , Okuda (Spain), Pixel Pancho (Italy,) Risk (CA, USA), Tatiana Suarez (FL, USA). Artist Audrey Kawasaki (USA) will be painting a mural at Goldman Properties’ The Hotel on South Beach.

Check back at a later date for more news from sunny Wynwood.

Photo credit the legendary Martha Cooper



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