American Master Frank Stella’s colourful geometric mural is a gift for the community of Boston Seaport, MA 2019

Global creative house Justkids have partnered once again with property developer WS Development in Boston Seaport to launch their latest contemporary public art installation: a large-scale mural by Frank Stella.

Widely renowned as one of the most important American living artists, Frank Stella is a painter, sculptor, and printmaker.

Frank Stella was born 12th May 1936, in MaldenMassachusetts, U.S. and is a leading figure in the Minimalist art movement and post-painterly abstraction. His contribution to American Art began in 1959 with his minimalist series, Black Paintings.

His mural for Seaport Boston is a 98 x 18 feet reproduction of his seminal painting, Damascus Gate (Stretch Variation I), named after ancient sites in Asia Minor. The painting originated in 1970 as part of Stella’s acclaimed Protractor series, and combines abstract geometric compositions.

The entwined colourful mural can be found on the façade of 60 Seaport Boulevard and is a gift to the quickly growing community of Seaport.

The mural boasts to be one of the largest public art installations of his 60-year career …

“There is no question that Frank Stella is one of the most influential artists of our time and we are honoured to have worked with him to produce this iconic mural for the vast audience of Boston Seaport. It’s our third project in the neighbourhood and we are thrilled to continue the collaboration and adding to Seaport eclectic public art collection.” Charlotte Dutoit Justkids director and curator

Check out the exclusive making-of video of Frank Stella’s artwork below …

The Frank Stella mural production coincides with the one-year anniversary of Seaport’s notable commission of Air, Sea and Land by world-renowned Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel.

Photo credit JustKids



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