Artist Saype’s Worldwide Symbolic Human Chain extends to Turin, 2020

French-Swiss artist Saype’s worldwide ‘Beyond walls Project’ extends his symbolic human chain to Turin.

In a polarizing world, the artist chooses to symbolically create the largest human chain in the world to invite us to benevolence and to live together: the Beyond Walls project. A combination of pairs of intertwined hands, painted on the ground across the world, slide from city to city, to symbolize union, mutual aid and common effort beyond the walls.

​The symbolic human chain launched in the city of love, Paris and then travelled to Engolasters in Andorra. Saype then stepped into Geneva, Switzerland. Step 4 took the human chain to Berlin, step 5 to Ouagadougou, and step 6 to Yamoussoukro.

Saype chose Turin as the 7th step of his world Beyond Walls project and paints two giant biodegradable landart paintings across the Palatine Gate with an overall area of 6’400 square meters, the fresco was created using biodegradable pigments made out of charcoal, chalk, water and milk proteins.

After having linked Europe and Africa, from Paris to Yamoussoukro, the giant hands of the universal chain cross the Porta Palatina, the glorious vestige of Eternal Roma erected in the centre of the Risorgimento of Italy. Reaching out to their ancestors, children of the present open a breach in the wall of time. If human fraternity plays with borders, it must also succeed in breaking through the ancient walls that past generations have erected between them and which still fracture societies today, in order to build, hand in hand, the universal city of the future.

Lavazza Group has chosen to mark a season of collective reopening with a symbol of brotherhood and optimism expressed through Beyond Walls, the monumental work by Saype that depicts two outstretched arms clasped together. It is a journey of solidarity and values that Lavazza embarked on with the Good Morning Humanity campaign and is perfectly embodied by the art of Saype, exemplifying the ever-closer relationship between the visual arts and sustainability.

Photo Credit Valentin Flauraud for Saype



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