Banksy’s Art at The Walled Off Hotel, Bethlehem

The newly opened Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem is a one-of-a-kind art installation designed by the renowned British graffitist Banksy. The hotel is a fully functional space home to many of Banksy’s incredible artworks. The artist has given the hotel a unique look, styling it to resemble “an English gentleman’s club from colonial times.” This design subtly acknowledges Britain’s historical involvement in the Middle East.

As you explore the hotel, you’ll come across several Banksy creations that are playful and highly political. Moreover, if you book a stay at the Walled Off, you could find yourself sleeping inside a work of art. This article will look closely at some Banksy artworks you can expect to see inside the hotel.

Banksy’s artwork at the Walled Off Hotel captures a powerful message through vivid imagery. In this particular piece, an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian protester are portrayed in a seemingly playful pillow fight. However, the feathers from the pillows are white in colour, resembling a white dove, which is often considered a universal symbol of peace. The contrast between the two opposing sides and the image of the white feathers floating in the air is a poignant reminder that despite the ongoing conflict, peace is always possible.

Apart from representing peace, the white feathers in Banksy’s artwork at the Walled Off Hotel carry multiple meanings. Some believe that white feathers symbolise angels and represent the presence of a loved one who has passed away. Including these additional meanings adds layers of complexity to the artwork, inviting viewers to interpret it in their own unique way.

This oil painting captures a powerful image of waves crashing against the shore, littered with life-jackets that have been discarded by refugees. The painting offers a poignant commentary on the ongoing refugee crisis and the struggles faced by those forced to flee their homes in search of safety. The juxtaposition of the violent waves and the abandoned life jackets is a stark reminder of the dangers faced by refugees on their journey to find a new home.

In this striking image, a fire flickers in the grate, glowing under a pile of concrete rubble. The scene resembles a blaze at a bomb site, with the rubble serving as a harsh reminder of the destruction caused by conflict. Interestingly the logo is the same as Massive Attacks, a band that Banksy has been closely linked to!

This powerful image captures a classical bust of David, the biblical hero who defeated Goliath, engulfed by a cloud of tear gas. The juxtaposition of the heroic figure with the toxic gas is a striking commentary on the violence and unrest that plague Palestine. The image serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggles for justice and equality.

In this thought-provoking image, a helium heart balloon floats beside barbed wire in a red presidential suite. The colour red, often associated with blood, perhaps signifies the violence and pain endured in the pursuit of power.

This painting depicts a beautiful vase of flowers set behind a series of unsightly grids that restrict the view—a commentary on Palestinians’ lives under restrictions.

This framed old test card, typically displayed when no programs were being broadcast, has been repurposed with the message “Free Palestine” written in chalk over the original noughts and crosses game. The fact that this message is being displayed is a powerful commentary on the silence of mainstream media when it comes to issues surrounding Palestine. This artwork challenges the viewer to question the narratives presented through media and recognise the importance of seeking alternative perspectives and voices.

This striking artwork depicts three cupids falling from the sky, each wearing an emergency oxygen mask. They are set against a backdrop of a graffiti-stained glass window. Traditionally depicted as symbols of love and affection, the cupids are shown as helpless and vulnerable, struggling to survive in a world that has lost its way.

The piano bar features numerous CCTV cameras on its walls, which are a reminder of the heavy surveillance that takes place in the region, particularly concerning the Israeli military’s monitoring of Palestine. The presence of these cameras underscores the ongoing tensions and conflicts in the area and raises questions about the role of surveillance in perpetuating these issues. This artwork challenges viewers to consider the impact of surveillance on individual and collective freedoms and to reflect on the importance of protecting human rights, free from the constraints of surveillance and oppression.

One of the artworks at the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem features an image of Jesus with a red dot target on his chest, while overhead, a trio of predator drones loom ominously. The juxtaposition of the peaceful figure of Jesus with the violent imagery of drones and targets is a striking reminder of the potential for religion to be used as a tool of power and control. This artwork challenges the viewer to reflect on religion’s true teachings and consider how faith can be used to promote peace and justice rather than violence and conflict.

The watchtower artwork beautifully captures the joyous moments of children swinging on a ride they have improvised on an Israeli army watchtower. The intricate detailing of the artwork showcases the children’s exhilarating experience with great precision. The watchtower’s door appears broken, and graffiti covers the base, hinting at its abandoned state. Despite playing on a symbol of oppression, Banksy emphasises the human spirit’s resilience and strength, showcasing the need for joy, peace, and a glimpse of hope.

The iconic artwork by Banksy, depicting the flower thrower whose Molotov transforms into a bouquet of flowers, has been reimagined in a stunning triptych format. The renowned piece titled ‘Love is in the Air / Flower Thrower’ now graces the walls of the Piano bar, framed in three exquisite gold frames. Adding to the piece’s allure, genuine dried flowers are sourced from a vase resting on the nearby table. You can also find a mural of this piece in Palestine, near the hotel.

The oil painting of a beautiful cottage now shows a violent upheaval and destruction, a commentary of Palestinians’ lives and homes caused by illegal settlements …

One of the most sombre images is of three children jumping over the Pearly gates. The Pearly Gates, traditionally depicted as the entrance to heaven, is shown as an obstacle to overcome, with the children leaping over them to go and have fun. The image is playful and melancholy, with the children’s carefree joy contrasting with the weight of the symbolism.

If you want to view the artwork at The Walled Off Hotel, the address is 182 Caritas Street in Bethlehem, Palestine. The hotel offers a unique and thought-provoking experience with its powerful artwork and commentary on the ongoing conflicts in the region. Reservations can be made directly through the hotel’s website here, which offers guests a range of room options and amenities.

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