ECB Hendrik Beikirch adds to the Street Art Scene for Wall Street Art Festival, Paris 2017

German artist Hendrik Beikirch, also known by his alias “ECB”, has been painting in the south of Paris, in Evry (53,000 inhabitants), the main commune of Grand Paris Sud, in the Pyramids district for the ‘Wall Street Art Festival’, curated by artistic director Gautier Jourdain of Le Mur, 100 walls of youth and galerie Mathgoth.

Hendrik Beikirch’s paints his mural on “Residences Yvelines Essonne/ social housing”, and is the portrait of Darya.

After his project “Tracing Morocco” with Moroccans, Hendrik Beikirch begins a new project on Siberians who live around Lake Baikal. Darya is an 83 years old woman who lives in a tiny village (five houses).

The most important thing for Hendrik is to know the person he is painting, this is why Hendrik paints people he has met and with whom he took the time to live with for several days, to gain a better understanding of them and appreciate them. Hendrik feels that the history of a country is always easier to understand through its inhabitants, their lives and their faces.

The German artist likes to paint people of a certain age. Far from Photoshop and the smooth portraits that advertising offers us, these faces have stories to tell.

As part of this new project, the artist will paint eleven murals all around the world, including Russia, Germany, United States, Italy, Pakistan, Greece, Netherlands, South Korea … and of course France, especially Evry!

Other artists invited to breathe some new life for ‘Wall Street Art Festival’ are Case Maclaim, Fintan Magee, C215, Astro and David Walker, whose mural can be found here.




Photo Credit Mathgoth gallery



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