“ENTROPY”, a preview mural by Said Dokins for the BLOOP Festival IBIZA, 2019

Said Dokins, one of the leading artists in contemporary calligraffti spends an intense two months with the creative atelier Biokip, organisers of the BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival Ibiza and the BLOOP festival Milano.

Said Dokins first mural for BLOOP celebrated their first festival in Milan, and his work was based on uniting a socially and culturally challenged neighbourhood. Read more here.

Now for the 9th consecutive edition of BLOOP Festival Ibiza, Dokins paints a large-scaled preview mural named “Entropy” at the town’s entrance, based on an open call for words and sentences on the concept: Entropy.

“The experience with Biokip was very valuable. We worked on projects with huge impact like the murals in Via Turchino, the exposition during the Design Week and the large scaled mural in Ibiza. Two intense months of tests and mistakes, experiments and new learnings.” the artist explains.

The 2019 BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival IBIZA’s contents will focus on the theme RESILIENCE: one’s ability to bounce back subsequent to external events, experiences or factors effecting a structure, institution, society or individual.

Dokins’ quasiresidency project at Biokip Atelier was a living embodiment of RESILIENCE as each artwork he created together with the organisation was a fruit of explorations, setbacks, progresses, and learnings as he described. Not to mention, 9 years of holding the BLOOP on an island under constant change and development where people across the world gather was made possible due to the organisation’s tenacity to come back every year and disseminate “Art is for everybody” in a context traditionally foreign to art. BLOOP

Currently, Ibiza is the home of the BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival, one of the world’s leading festivals dedicated to art. IBIZA will go BLOOP again this summer from 15th August til 9th September, dedicated to RESILIENCE “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”



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