Flashing Invader’s Latest Paris Invasion: The PA_1500 at the Centre Pompidou Building

French urban artist Invader has been using Paris as his playground since 1998. He considers the city an open-air gallery where he can experiment with his art. Over 25 years, Invader has installed 1500 pieces in the streets of Paris, starting with the first invasion, PA_01, in 1998 to the most recent one, PA_1500, in 2024.

+Since 1998, Paris has been my main playground. This city is for me an open-air gallery and a place of experimentation. Between each trip around the world, I always took care to continue working on it. This map, as well as the photos associated with it, is a celebration of 25 years of work and the 1500 pieces installed in the streets of Paris.+

+INVADER (Translated)+

Invader Space Station displays every Paris invasion along with a huge map of Paris that indicates the precise locations of these invasions.

Paris Invasion on board Invader Space Station. Photo Copyright GraffitiStreet

Telescopic View of PA_1500

At level 8+ of the Invader Space Station, a telescope strategically fixed by the window lets you view Invader‘s 1500 celebratory Paris invasion. The installation, designated PA_1500, is located on the iconic Centre Pompidou and can be seen through the telescope. However, you cannot ‘Flash’ PA_1500 from the Space Station.

View of PA_1500 from level 8 + on board Invader Space Station. Photo Copyright GraffitiStreet

Flash Invaders App

Using the Flash Invaders app, you can flash all invasions and earn points; however, you can not ‘Flash’ and earn points for PA_1500 from the Invader Space Station. This is because the Flash Invaders app is precise and uses imagery and GPS locations; you can’t cheat the game!

+I implemented the FlashInvaders application in 2014. Its operation is simple: go looking for my mosaics and “flash” them (photograph them). The program analyses the player’s photo and position and adds the coin to their collection if this information is correct. With an average of one flash every 3 seconds, more than 350,000 players and nearly 23 million validated flashes, we can say that it has brought together a real community. The most fascinating thing in my eyes is this page on which the flow of all the successful flashes is displayed in real time and which takes us on a journey through space, time and my creations.+

+INVADER (Translated)+

To reach the Centre Pompidou, it’s best to navigate the streets of Paris on foot. Along the way, there are Invader installations that you can “Flash” using the Flash Invaders app and earn points.

The Centre Pompidou

Nestled in Paris’s 4th arrondissement is the Centre Pompidou building, a renowned cultural institution known for its striking architecture and vibrant exterior. It is a glass and metal structure bathed in light, resembling a heart fed by monumental arteries in bright primary colours. The architects of the building devised a colour code to outline the structure’s different components and enliven its facades with four bold colours: blue for air flows, yellow for electricity, green for water circuits, and red for pedestrian flow.

Centre Pompidou. Photo Copyright GraffitiStreet

The Centre Pompidou building is an exceptional complement to Invader’s innovative and avant-garde nature. The installation’s location on the building’s exterior is a must-see and ‘Flash’.

Centre Pompidou. Photo Copyright GraffitiStreet

Invader’s PA_1500 installation adorns the blue air conditioning unit on the top of the building’s exterior. It features one of Invader’s signature 8-bit arcade game characters, created using tiles arranged to form a pixelated space invader image with the milestone 1500 in the same blue as the pipes.

Centre Pompidou. Photo Copyright GraffitiStreet

TIP + When Flashing PA_1500, Distance is Your Friend, and Visibility is Key. Cross Over the Road and Walking Back on Yourself Until You See the Whole Mosaic. Remember to Keep on the Pavement and Be Safe +

To Flash PA_1500 successfully, cross the road and position yourself so that PA_1500 is visible. You will face difficulties if you are too near the building and trying to look up. Pictured below is the perfect spot.

Centre Pompidou. Photo Copyright GraffitiStreet

Close-ups of Invader PA_1500 on the Centre Pompidou, Paris. Image Copyright Invader

To witness our live Flash of PA_1500, please press the play button below.

Once you visit the location and Flash, you will receive 100 points as a bonus.

The Big Space PA_1432

If you’re near the Centre Pompidou, there are numerous Invader installations that you can “Flash” using the Flash Invaders app and earn points. Among these installations is the colossal Big Space, PA_1432, which spans 70 sqm and comprises 447 tiles.

TIP + Flash Invader’s Biggest Mosaic PA_1432 for Big Points and Earn 100 Points +

This striking mosaic stands alongside other iconic pieces, such as Jef Aerosol’s “Chut!” and Shepard Fairey’s “The Future is Unwritten” on the renowned Place Stravinsky by the Centre Pompidou.

Jef Aerosol’s “Chut!” and Shepard Fairey’s “The Future is Unwritten” on the renowned Place Stravinsky

To witness our live Flash of PA_1432, please press the play button below.

Live Flash of PA_1432. Video Copyright GraffitiStreet

The latest mosaic, PA_1500, is a significant milestone in Invader’s artistic career, and for Flash Invader fans, it represents a crucial moment in the history of urban art. While it’s true that some invasions have been stolen, Invader and his team make efforts to reactivate them. There’s still plenty on the streets of Paris to keep Flash Invader fans busy, so get flashing!

Invader’s invasion mosaics can be found on every continent except Antarctica, with over 4,000 installations worldwide.



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