INVADER to the MOON? French astronaut Thomas Pesquet’s email offer is out of this world! 2023

Invader must have been over the moon (pun intended) when he received an email from Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut and an ardent admirer of his work. The email contained an offer simply out of this world – to take one of Invader’s works to the moon.

Thomas Pesquet, who had spent six months in the International Space Station (ISS) and returned to Earth in June 2017, was an instant fan of Invader’s space2 mosaic called KLN_27, a replica of the installed in space by astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti in 2015, making it the first Space Invader to be placed in space.

“Somehow, it made sense that his little aliens be up there in space, looking down at us,” Mr. Pesquet explained. The power of art to connect people from diverse backgrounds is truly incredible, and moments like these highlight the impact that Invader has had on the world and even beyond.

Will INVADER go to the MOON? Watch this SPACE!

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