“RAISE THE LEVEL” Mural By Shepard Fairey, Amsterdam 2023

Acclaimed artist Shepard Fairey and his team have just finished an awe-inspiring mural at Amsterdam’s Straat Museum, located within a former shipping factory.

The mural, named ‘Raise the Level’, graces the building’s towering 45-foot-high metal doors, once used by ships to enter and exit the factory. Part of Shepard Fairey’s exhibition at the museum, the mural embodies themes of peace and harmony.

Fairey collaborated with his friend Niels Shoe Meulman on a segment of the mural, which features the phrases “Handle with Care” and a wild-style graffiti piece. Graffiti writer Yalt’s work is highlighted in the bottom left section of the mural, adding an extra dimension to this awe-inspiring creation.

The newly finished mural is a stunning homage to the art of the streets and graffiti, both of which are movements that the Straat Museum proudly showcases in its exhibitions.

Photo Credit Jon Furlong



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