Shred the Love, Banksy’s Sotheby’s Stunt Didn’t go According to Plan, 2018

Banksy posted a video “Shredding the Girl and Balloon – The Director’s Cut” to the Banksy website today suggesting the partial shredding of “Girl with Balloon” at a London auction house Sotheby‘s wasn’t exactly to plan …

The video, titled “Shred The Love,” shows the famously anonymous artist testing the shredding mechanism inside an ornate frame, with a compete shredding of “Girl with Balloon” as the finishing result.

The partial shredding drew speculation that the act was a stunt to increase the value of the painting, as it was shredded to right above the girl’s head, leaving the balloon intact.

Banksy snubs these rumours by showing us his early attempts at shredding a painting of same design.

“In rehearsals it worked every time…”Banksy 2018

The video also mentioned that auction house Sotheby’s were not in on the stunt.

“Some people think it didn’t really shred. It did. Some people think the auction house were in on it, they weren’t.” Banksy 2018

Banksy has since renamed the partially shredded work as “Love Is In The Bin.” Its unidentified female European winning bidder has opted to continue with the purchase of the piece.

Video credit Banksy



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