Street artist INO for BLOOP Art Festival, Ibiza 2018

Street artist INO makes his third appearance at the BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival, dedicated to the theme HOPE.

For his forth mural on the Isla Blanca, the Greek artist painted his mural “Hopeless” on the La Kiki building on Sant Josep’s bay in Ibiza.

Hopeless is a portrait of a girl praying for money. A criticism towards modern societies where happiness is based on materialism, and where big companies and advertising targets the youth; the most vulnerable part of our society.

INO asks us whether the future is truly hopeless.

This piece is part of the OpenAir.Gallery, a long-term project to change the urban landscapes of an entire island, with the festival’s ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”. Currently, it continues to grow its collection reaching nearly 30 murals and installations across Ibiza. This year, Said Dokins, INO, SpY and Spaik are leaving their contributions.

BLOOP Festival is running from the 23 August until the 8th September 2018, there will be much more to come! So stay tuned!



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