Street Artists BKfoxx and Zeso paint Alice’s Wonderland, 2017

New York Street artist BKfoxx has been busy with a string of high profile murals behind her, we saw her steal the show in Sweden with her gigantic “Neighbours” mural, and she was recently commissioned to paint in New York to celebrate the release of the scary film IT. This is her first collab with French graffiti artist Zeso, who has been on the New York Graffiti scene for ten years.

BKfoxx has spent the month of August with Zeso painting some epic scenes from the classic film Alice in Wonderland. Zeso painted the fantasy Wonderlands, whereas BKfoxx concentrated on painting Alice. The Alice in the murals is a friend’s daughter, Samantha, who modelled for the ‘Alice’ role photographed by our buddy Just_a_Spectator.

The first mural of the Alice in Wonderland series is called “Getting to Know You”. They painted this scene at the Gar Gar Festival, in Penelles, Spain. Penelles is a town of less than five hundred people that’s covering the whole town with street art murals.

“We want to thank Jordi, Marte, Olga, and the local cafe owner who doesn’t have eggs but makes a great egg sandwich!” BKfoxx

The second mural of the series is called “Daydreaming” and can be found at Street Art City, in Lurcy-Levis, France. Street Art City is an abandoned chateau compound that a couple have turned into a street art destination.

“We want to thank Sylvie, Gilles, Olivier, Joel, Bijou, and all the staff there who took care of us and brought me a lot of sugar with my coffee!” BKfoxx

It doesnt stop there, Bkfoxx and Zeso plan to paint around twelve murals altogether over the next couple of years, in different places all over the world. If you have a wall please contact us and we will pass on your details.




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