‘Sugar Rush’ New Street Art by Bisser for the Wild Brabant Festival 2016 in Tienen, Belgium


It’s just been over a week since we last wrote about our Belgian street artist buddy Bisser and his ‘Kraken gaat door’ mural.

And wasting no further time he’s back with another street piece, this time for the Wild Brabant Festival in Tienen, a city well known in Belgium as the heart of sugar production.

This extra sweet piece depicts two of his usual characters who both have their heads shaped as a cup, one filled with tea, the other filled with coffee and both appear to be enjoying a ‘sugar rush’ having added far too much sugar to their brew.

From the horrors of seeing a sugar cube being split in half to a relaxing sunbathing sugar cube in coffee, this piece has a lot more than meets the eye at first and certainly brought a smile to our faces (without consuming any sugar may we add)

It will then also come as no surprise to you that this new street art mural is called ‘Sugar rush’.

Check out the photos here and be sure to check back in the future as we continue to keep you up to date with Bisser‘s work.



Photos courtesy of Bisser

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