The meaning behind Invader’s LED Screen Print – Explained

The LED Limited Edition signed screen print (2017) by French street artist Invader is a true gem for all retro video game lovers.

The ‘LED’ screen print crafted by French street artist Invader is captivating and effortlessly blends retro and contemporary styles. The moon’s mountainous landscape is embellished with stars, creating a tranquil vibe further accentuated by the night sky’s multicoloured dots. The bright pink Space Invader character boldly contrasts against the black backdrop, making it the centre of attention.

The overall look of the artwork resembles an LED screen, giving it a unique touch. It’s a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern art. The artwork is a true testament to Invader’s creative genius and love for the arcade culture of the 80s.

Invader ‘Moon’ at Beyond the Streets

We then saw Invader with ‘Moon,’ undulating in luminous colours in June 2019 when it was displayed on an LED screen for Brooklyn’s ‘BEYOND the STREETS, ‘ marking the city’s largest exhibition to showcase the most influential creators and living legends of the street art movement. 

The ‘Moon’ was a captivating art installation, adorned with twinkling stars, and the vibrant dots that make up the night sky were nothing short of mesmerising. However, the strikingly bright pink Space Invader character stole the show, boldly standing against the black background and demanding attention. 

Installing “Moon” At Beyond the Streets…

Love you to the Moon and Back

Invader must have been over the moon (pun intended) to receive an email from Thomas Pesquet in 2023, a French astronaut and fan of his work, offering to take one of his works to the moon.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet spent six months in the International Space Station ISS, returning to Earth in June 2017. During this stay, he published photos of the KLN_27, Invader’s space mosaic originally installed by astronaut Samantha Cristoforettiin in 2015. Read more here.

“Somehow, it made sense that his little aliens be up there in space, looking down at us,” Mr. Pesquet explained. The power of art to connect people from diverse backgrounds is truly incredible, and moments like these highlight the impact that Invader has had on the world and even beyond.

Will INVADER go to the MOON? Watch this SPACE!

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