The Meaning Behind Stik’s ‘Walk’ – Explained

Stik’s extraordinary journey is truly inspirational. Despite facing homelessness, Stik found solace in his art and developed a unique style that has become a beloved staple of the street art movement worldwide.

Stik began drawing his iconic six-line, two-dot stick figures as a boy and continued to develop his style while sleeping rough and moving from hostel to hostel. Eventually, carrying his drawings with him became too difficult, so he used the city as his canvas, showcasing his evolving relationship with his surroundings.

Stik’s highly-anticipated gallery exhibition, “Walk,” was showcased at the renowned Imitate Modern London in 2012 and featured a range of canvas prints, sculptures, and lightboxes. At the time, he was living in a hostel for the homeless run by St Mungo’s, making the exhibition a poignant reminder of his determination to strive towards a better future.

‘This show is about movement, about moving forwards as a person, as an artist. I wanted to get that feeling of taking a step and being tentative, moving forward cautiously, but trying to think about where I’m going and what I’m taking with me’.

STIK ‘Walk’ Exhibtion 2012

Check out the teaser video for ‘Walk Exhibition’ below …

Video Credit Intimate Modern

The ‘Walk series’ (With different colourways) released at the show is a vivid testimony to his personal evolution as an artist and a powerful symbol of the potential inherent in taking one step at a time. Stik’s figures may be stationary, but they convey a sense of motion through their painted gestures.

Stik uses his art as a vehicle for social good and raises significant amounts of money for charities close to his heart, raising much-needed awareness of issues affecting the homeless. Stik’s journey is a powerful reminder that one person can make a significant difference and positively impact the world through creativity, love and determination.

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