Urban Artist Ador and the Family Réunion Part 2, 2018

Urban artist Ador has returned from his travels to the small French island Réunion, located in the midst of the Indian Ocean, 700 kilometres east of the island of Madagascar , and 200 kilometres South-West of Mauritius.

We last heard from Ador in February and brought you Urban Artist Ador and the Family Réunion. Now Ador has returned home with plenty more murals to share from his one year residency spent on this beautiful island.

Street art is everywhere on the island from the north to the south, and can be found on the walls, abandoned factories, old houses… everywhere! so Ador took full advantage of this urban playground.

Ador’s Reunion island mural series involved his much loved characters as prehistoric caveman, however the scenery or actions are set with modern day.

“I started this series after being here, and because I like bananas, beach, and island. Almost each time, I try to mix a caveman with a modern stuff or modern action. I wanted to confront nature and modern stuff.” Ador

We are loving Ador’s  painting his characters in various shades of cavemen!

Ador has left the island now, but has certainly left his mark. Other street artists to find on Reunion island include; Jef Aérosol, Seth Globepainter, Sept, Jace and Jérôme Mesnager.


Photo Credit Ador

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