Fabio Petani brings his Abstract Flower Imagery to Rognan, UpNorth Festival Norway 2018

UpNorth is a traveling festival that changes its location each year around Northern Norway. Their first festival UpNorth festival 2015 took place in an abandoned area, in Sulitjelma, UpNorth Festival 2016 saw them move to a more urban surroundings in the city of Bodø ,and last year UpNorth Festival 2017 was located in Røst.

For their latest curated project UpNorth Festival invited Fabio Petani, an artist from Italy, to paint two large walls on the outside of the Slipen Scene building, in Rognan, Northern Norway.

Slipen Scene is an old boat factory turned into a popular concert scene, which boasts great recognition in Norway. Each year they host a music festival called Blåfrost and they do many other concerts and projects.

Petani is known for his use of plants, flowers together with abstract forms in his images. The main wall, with the plant, is based on a shrub called Rowan or Mountain-ash.

The rowans or mountain-ashes are shrubs or trees in the genus Sorbus of the rose family, Rosaceae. They are native throughout the cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It is very common in Northern Norway and has a long history in Rognan.

The shrub appears in their coat of arms and its believed to be the origin of the name Rognan. It’s also a shrub with mystical powers, going back to old norse worshipping of the God Tor.

Petani worked for one week, before he took a trip to Lofoten Island where UpNorth 2017 was held, which is nearby, before he will fly back to Italy.




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