Sir Elton John’s Upcoming Auction at Christie’s: Banksy’s Iconic Flower Thrower Triptych Among 900 Items Up for Sale

The legendary singer-songwriter, Sir Elton John is preparing to part ways with a significant portion of his personal collection by putting up over 900 items for auction at Christie’s in New York.

The auction, titled “The Collection of Sir Elton John,” is set to include a diverse range of items from his Atlanta home on Peachtree Road. One particular piece that stands out is the 2010 Flower Thrower Triptych by the anonymous street artist Banksy. This iconic artwork, which is listed as LOT 13, is expected to fetch between $1 million and $1.5 million, making it the most valuable item in the auction.

Banksy’s “Flower Thrower Triptych.” Image copyright Christies Auction NYC

The Flower Thrower Triptych, which consists of three separate canvases, portrays a masked man throwing a bouquet of flowers in a manner similar to how a Molotov cocktail is thrown. It is widely regarded as one of Banksy’s most emblematic works, and its presence in Sir Elton John’s collection is a true testament to the singer’s admiration for Banksy’s work. Sir Elton John obtained the artwork directly from Banksy himself in 2017.

Banksy’s “Flower Thrower Triptych.” Image copyright Christies Auction NYC

The Flower Thrower Triptych is signed and dated “Banksy 2010” on the reverse of the left panel, and it is executed in spray paint on canvas in the artist’s frame. The left panel measures 33 ¼ x 25 ¼ in., the centre panel measures 42 x 30 in., and the right panel measures 16 5⁄8 x 20 5⁄8 in. The overall dimensions of the triptych are 42 x 80 in.

Banksy’s “Flower Thrower Triptych.” Image copyright Christies Auction NYC

The Sir Elton John collection is a unique and magnificent assemblage of art, furniture, and memorabilia. It includes an impressive selection of contemporary works by renowned artists like Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Tracey Emin, and Andy Warhol, along with a vast collection of photographs. The collection also features Sir Elton John’s conservatory grand piano, a magnificent piece of musical history, and other musical memorabilia.

Banksy’s “Flower Thrower Triptych.” Image copyright Christies Auction NYC

Banksy painted “Flower Thrower” directly onto the 760km West Bank Wall separating Israel from Palestine in 2003. The mural depicts a militant figure wearing a baseball cap and a bandana, holding a bouquet of flowers instead of a weapon, symbolising the need for peace and love rather than violence.

Banksy – Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower) Image @

In 2017, Banksy launched the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, where he showcases a triptych of his renowned ‘Love is in the Air / Flower Thrower’ inside the Piano bar. The artwork is split into three and encased in a gold frame. Moreover, the piece is adorned with genuine dried flowers originating from a vase resting on the table.

The Walled Off Hotel, Bethlehem, West Bank.

To inaugurate the debut of the colonialism-themed piano bar at “The Walled Off Hotel“, Sir Elton John was invited by Banksy to perform remotely on the opening night. This was just the beginning of the hotel’s plan to feature regular remote musical performances in their piano bar, showcasing a diverse range of talented musicians.

Banksy, Walled Off Hotel, Piano Bar, Bethlehem. Image copyright Banksy

In 2019 Banksy opened a homewares store called “Gross Domestic Product ™” in Croydon, London, featuring a unique selection of items designed by Banksy. The store offered homewares and lifestyle products, including mugs, doormats, and rugs, all with Banksy’s signature style. The store was created in response to legal action against Banksy by a greeting card company attempting to take legal custody of the artist’s name. Banksy’s Flower Thrower triptych was part of this exhibition.

Banksy, Gross domestic product Store, Croydon. Image © Banksy

During Banksy’s “Gross Domestic Product” the elusive artist released a VIP “GDP Flower Thrower (Grey)” as a 300 edition Signed Screen print on 1500 micron board. The triptych piece is framed to the same artist’s spec displayed at Banksy’s “Gross Domestic Product” show.

Banksy, GDP Flower Thrower Triptych, Gross domestic product Store, Croydon. Image © Banksy

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At the Banksy Gross Domestic Product exhibition, a few ‘GDP Flower Thrower’ pieces that depicted only the bouquet were given out to kids below 16 years of age randomly.

Banksy – GDP Flower Thrower

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The Collection of Sir Elton John” live auction 22050 will take place at Christie’s in New York on 21st February at 5 pm EST. The auction of this stunning collection is expected to be one of the most significant art sales of the year, attracting collectors and art enthusiasts from all around the world. The auction promises to be a unique opportunity to witness and own a piece of art history.

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