Joachim – Baking Eggs 1/1


Medium: Oil and spray paint on canvas

Edition: Unique 1/1

Size: 150 x 150cm

Description: Signed on verso, accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity

Year: 2019

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Joachim started this day, not knowing what to paint. When he was sitting at the breakfast table in the morning, and he told his girlfriend that he didn’t know what to paint, she suggested painting her baking eggs. The characters, however, have become ‘free’ interpretations and show little or no appearance of Joachim or his girlfriend. Joachim wanted the figures to symbolize the man and a woman, and their love for each other. When Joachim ate his eggs that morning, the radio was on, and he heard the number 74-75 of “The Connells.” When he then started working in his studio, he put the number back on and repeated it again and again, seven days in a row, until he finished the painting.