Joachim – Red Vase and Flowers 1/1

Medium: Oil and spray paint on canvas

Edition: Unique 1/1

Size: 100 x 120cm

Description: Signed on verso, accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity

Year: 2019

Sold Out


This work is important in that sense because it is the first work by the artist without a human or animal character. In other words, this is Joachim’s first still life (with flowers.) After experimenting with different colour combinations, Joachim opted to work primarily with the complementary colours Red and Green, which essentially reinforce each other. The artist spent a relatively long time to get the composition and balance between the colours right. In addition to traditional paintbrushes, Joachim also often uses knives to scrape paint off the canvas or scratch lines on the surface. In this way, he can add more delicate details, which are evident in the flowers and leaves of the plant.