The Invader at Home Challenge, Home Invasion 2020

@nvdr_bnw is promoting Invader fun during COVID-19 lockdown with French artist Invader being the inspiration for the ‘Invader at home challenge’.

Design your own Space Invader with whatever you have handy at home. ONLY ONE CONSTRAINT: do not use mosaics or tiles ! 😈- Post a picture of the 👾with the hashtag  #InvadersAtHomeChallenge  or  #invaderathomechallenge Be creative, your time to play now…

Invader, world-known for his 8-bit mosaic formula to create cool and nostalgic artworks, has found like-minded artists popping up using their home supplies to create Invaders as a substitute instead of using tiles.

You can share your invaders around the world, and stay connected throughout the lockdown period by using these hashtags against your Invader art #invaderathomechallenge #invadersathomechallenge

To date, there have been 308 homemade invaders in six days. Mosaic tiles are being replaced with sweets, lego and even toilet rolls!!

Check them out below …

Many countries worldwide are facing lockdown due to COVID-19 and art-related projects are popping up to entertain, unite and inspire creativity in these uncertain times. Also, check out Pejac’s window series and Phlegm’s Pandemic Diary.



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