Urban Artist Ador Protests Every Day of the week! Réunion Island 2018

Urban artist Ador has spent a year on the small French island Réunion, painting his characters in various shades of cavemen, however these prehistoric characters are set within a modern day twist.

Ador has impressively painted over fifty characters on Reunion island, and they can be seen in his Family Reunion and Family Reunion part 2! Ador took on the challenge and decided to paint a character everyday of the week, each one lost and with their own protest!

Monday the “Lost Protestor” protested about Banana’s, those naughty bananas!

Tuesday the “Lost Protestor” was lost amongst the overgrowth as he protested about Balls! what more can we say…

Wednesday the “Lost Protestor” only had chicken… on the mind, and on the bone!

Thursday the “Lost Protestor” seems to have been caught in the cross fire from the burger hunt taking place! Eat Fast Die Young!

Friday the “Lost Protestor” protested about the watering-can! perhaps he was annoyed at getting wet feet!

Saturday the “Lost Protestor”, who seems to be a little worse for wear, protested about carrots! perhaps if he could see better in the dark things may have been different!

Sunday the “Lost Protestor” protested about …, well at least he can’t see he’s lost his sign!

Ador spent a busy week protesting! We don’t know about Ador, but all this protesting has made us hungry!


Photo Credit Ador

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