BLOOP Closes for 2018 with a Final Mural by Spaik, Ibiza

BLOOP International Proactive Art festival Ibiza, has wrapped up this years festival with an impressive mural from Spaik. This years theme was dedicated to HOPE and Spaik, who has painted previously for BLOOP, took on the theme with his ability to dream!

Spaik signature style is based on colourful Mexican folklore, and he played with this for his mural for BLOOP. In his mural we seeĀ a dragon, a cheetah, birds, fish and other creatures, that Spaik says embodies the infinite possibilities of dreams and hope.

The mural titled “Somnolencia /Sleepiness” dedicated to the theme HOPE, spotlights that dreaming for HOPE is what drives us to live.

The renowned OpenAir.Gallery continues to expand its collection. A long term project to convert the entire island into a true gallery under the skies for all. It was one of the first of their kind and now holds nearly 30 murals and installations sprinkled across the white isle.

This year we saw Said Dokins and SpY who participated for the first time and Spaik and INO who came back for their third time to the festival.



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