The Creative World of Mr Doodle: 10 Fascinating Facts about the Artist Who Doodles Everything!

In recent years, the contemporary artist known as Mr Doodle has become a household name, engaging audiences worldwide with his intricate and playful doodles. Born in Kent, England, Mr Doodle, whose real name is Sam Cox, gained popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, where his videos of himself creating his artwork have amassed millions of views. With just under three million followers on Instagram alone, his popularity has skyrocketed, and the platform has played a crucial role in launching his career.

In this editorial, we will explore ten fascinating facts about Mr Doodle, shedding light on his spontaneous style, inspirations, and impact on the contemporary art world. From his collaborations with major brands to his unique Doodle House, which he shares with his wife and son, Mr Doodle has proven himself a true innovator, so without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Mr Doodle.


“Mr Doodle”

Sam Cox, born in 1994 in Kent, England, is popularly known by his pseudonym “Mr Doodle”. He discovered his passion for doodling at a young age and kept refining his style throughout his teenage years. During his UWE university days as an illustration student, he started doodling on his clothes and hat, which earned him the nickname “Mr Doodle” from his tutor. Sam Cox fully embraces the theatrical performativity of his Mr Doodle persona, wearing his hand-drawn clothing and building an elaborate mythology around the character.

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“Graffiti Spaghetti”

Mr Doodle’s art pieces are predominantly crafted using black ink on a white canvas or surface. His doodles are famous for adorning tunnels, rooms, walls and buildings, covering them in his signature doodle style. His drawings feature a variety of elements, such as aliens and animals, known as “graffiti spaghetti.” This unique form of doodling involves wrapping and tangling lines around surfaces and objects resembling spaghetti noodles’ appearance. Mr Doodle’s love for comics has been a significant influence on his art style and approach, and he also draws inspiration from various sources, including cartoons, graffiti, and street art. Mr Doodle doesn’t repeat the characters in a session and thinks of new characters and scenes to stay excited.

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“Doodle Land”

In his artistic world, Mr Doodle has created many crazy characters and brought them to life through his doodles. However, his ambition doesn’t stop there – he dreams of bringing his imaginary world of “Doodle Land” to the real world. To achieve this, he has set his sights on transforming his entire town into a living, breathing version of his artwork. While some may view this as an impossible feat, Mr Doodle’s determination and creativity know no bounds, so we should all keep an eye on what he has in store for the future!

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London 50-hour Doodle Marathon

Mr Doodle embarked on a doodle marathon lasting an incredible 50 hours straight at the We Built This City store on Carnaby Street. Mr Doodle started the marathon at 10 am on Friday, August 18, until Sunday, August 20 2017, where he created a live, unplanned design on the storefront before heading into the store to continue his work. Mr Doodle’s marathon wasn’t just about creating art but also about giving back to society. All profits from the sales of the doodled-on paper, which made up the installation, were donated to The Teapot Trust – a charity that uses art therapy to help young people cope with long-term medical conditions. Mr Doodle has also brought out a documentary that takes us behind the scenes of his 50-hour marathon, gives us a fascinating insight into the creative process, and shows the sheer determination and stamina required to create such an epic piece of artwork. Read more here.

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Auction Record

The 4-meter artwork ‘Spring’ by Mr Doodle was sold for an astonishing JPY 95m (US$890,210) at the Tokyo Chuo Auction. The hammer price was 12 times the pre-sale estimate, and with fees, the painting fetched JPY 109m (around US$1.02m), setting a new auction record for the artist! So very Doodletastic!

Mr Doodle “Spring”. Image Tokyo Chuo Auction


“Doodle House”

Mr Doodle has taken his love for doodling to new heights by painting his entire house! Between 2020 and 2022, he painted his six-bedroom house, located in Tenterden, Kent, close to his parents’ house, with his signature black and white doodles. He used 900 litres of white emulsion paint, 401 cans of black spray paint, 286 bottles of drawing paint, and 2,296 pen nibs. Most of his doodles were spontaneous and added to the artwork’s charm. The video of the house is a work of art in itself, showing the unveiling of the doodles using stop motion.

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Keith Haring

Mr Doodle has cited the late Keith Haring as one of his biggest influences. Like Haring, Mr Doodle’s work is characterised by bold lines and a playful style. However, unlike Haring, Mr Doodle chooses to keep his focus solely on the doodles themselves rather than incorporating political or social commentary into his art. Mr Doodle’s main objective is to create a fun and enjoyable experience for his viewers, and he achieves this by infusing his artwork with his unique sense of humour.



Mr Doodle’s art goes beyond the boundaries of just canvas, as it can be seen on furniture, rooms, clothing, cars, buildings, and many other surfaces. He has also collaborated with iconic brands, such as Fendi, Puma, Samsung, Disney, Purling, Pac-Man, Redbull, and MTV. Mr Doodle has also collaborated with artists such as LA II.

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“The Trouble with Mr Doodle”

The rapid ascent of Mr Doodle’s career and his busy work schedule took a toll on his mental health, leading him to have a psychotic episode and experience hallucinations, including seeing Donald Trump and Banksy. However, in his latest film, “The Trouble with Mr Doodle”, he speaks candidly about the highs and lows he faced during this period and creates much-needed awareness about mental health.

Join Mr Doodle for a London Doodle Marathon at We Built This City

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Museum Mayhem

The Holburne Museum in Bath currently hosts Mr Doodle’s first-ever museum exhibition, ‘Mr Doodle’s Museum Mayhem.’ The exhibition showcases Mr Doodle’s signature style of intricate and playful black-and-white doodles covering the museum’s walls, floors, and ceilings. Mr Doodle’s art replaces some of the museum’s traditional pieces, providing a fun and imaginative take on the conventional museum experience, making it an engaging and memorable experience for visitors of all ages. The exhibition is on display until 1st September 2024.

The night before the opening, the world’s first-ever animated doodle mural was unveiled at ‘Museum Mayhem’, along with multiple Mr Doodles amongst the crowd!

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Mr Doodle’s art is a spontaneous blend of shapes, lines and different doodle characters that capture people’s attention worldwide. His work is not only awesome but also inspires a playful and creative mindset. Mr Doodle inspires us to embrace our inner child and never stop pursuing our dreams, no matter how unconventional they may seem.

As such, Mr Doodle has become a beloved figure in the art world. His creative ability is inspiring, and he has become super popular for his unique take on the world. Mr Doodle’s infectious passion for doodling is contagious, and the idea of a real Doodle Land, staying in the Doodle Hotel, and going to the Doodle Pub is beyond exciting!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about Mr Doodle, just as we had fun writing it.

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