PLEASE BELIEVE THESE DAYS WILL PASS by Mark Titchner, Your Space or Mine 2020

Over the next few weeks the Build Hollywood agency family of JackJack Arts and Diabolical will be spotlighting artists for its ongoing Your Space Or Mine project; a series which gives artists and creatives a platform on the street. Their hope is to also provide the public with a source of inspiration during COVID-19 lockdown and bring a positive outlook in these uncertain and challenging times. 

Turner Prize nominee Mark Titchner was invited to take over billboards in ten UK cities of London, Manchester, Brighton, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield and Cardiff. Titchner wanted to boost morale and hope by bringing colourful messages to UK sites. With many of us only leaving the house for our daily errands and exercise, the bright, uplifting piece is a welcome break from the monotony of our current situation.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Mark on our latest Your Space Or Mine project, which sees him taking over our sites. We hope our ongoing series will bring some positivity and inspiration during a time when people need it the most.” Khaly Nguyen, Head of Marketing (Jack, Jack Arts, Diabolical)

Mark Titchner’s (b. 1973, Luton, UK) works with a number of media including digital, print, wall drawing, video, sculpture, and often employs motifs taken from advertising, religious iconography, club flyers, trade union banners, psychedelia and political propaganda. The common denominator among this material is a quest for idealism and enlightenment. Titchner focuses on an exploration of words and language, and many of his recent projects have explored issues around mental health and is currently involved with the Mental Health and Justice project.

Reading “PLEASE BELIEVE THESE DAYS WILL PASS”, the bright, colourful artwork is a ray of hope, disrupting the grey, urban environment and settling the fear and anxiety wave that society is feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Titcher’s latest work will also be seen across social media outlets which will ensure the message will be seen by people who need it the most.

“When the words ‘PLEASE BELIEVE THESE DAYS WILL PASS’ first came to me in 2012 who could imagine the ‘days’ that we find ourselves in now?  My thinking at the time was a message to help one endure through difficult times but also a reminder to cherish what is good in the here and now. It is what is good such as the bravery of those working so hard on our behalf in the NHS or the safety of our loved ones that will get us through when the endurance runs low.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity to share these words again in sites across the UK and hope as we all do these days will pass before too long.” Mark Titchner

Titchner has created a positive visual outside, to which many ‘outside’ has become a place of fear…

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Photo credit Jack Arts



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