Invader’s Top 5 Space Artworks: Exploring the Universe Through Art

Invader, the French street artist known for his iconic pixelated mosaics, has an undeniable obsession with space. From his early beginnings in the streets of Paris to his studio pieces, Invader’s fascination with the vast and infinite expanse of the universe has been a constant theme in his work.

Invader’s obsession began in the late 1990s when he started exploring the city streets and looking for new surfaces to invade. He soon discovered the perfect canvas for his mosaics: the urban landscape. Inspired by the video game Space Invaders, Invader began creating pixelated characters that he would then install on walls, buildings, and other surfaces in cities across the world. The invasion had begun!

It wasn’t just the pixelated space characters that sparked Invader’s imagination. It was the idea of space itself, the vastness and infinite possibilities that it represented. For Invader, space was not just a physical space but a mental and artistic space where he could explore new ideas, new forms, and new ways of seeing the world.

Invader took his space obsession to a new level when he launched the ‘Space One’ mosaic into space in 2012 and then ‘Space Two’ to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015. These bold and audacious moves cemented Invader’s status as one of the most innovative and daring artists of our generation.

As Invader prepares for his Paris solo show in early 2024, incorporating space as a central theme, we look closer at the artist’s obsession with the vast and infinite expanse of the universe. In our editorial, we present five of Invader’s top artworks that showcase his fascination with the open intergalactic space gallery. Get ready to explore the cosmos and discover the artist’s unique vision of the universe!

Space One

This 2013 limited edition signed screen print belongs to Invader’s Space collection. Space One is a highly sought-after piece among Invader’s works because it portrays the Space One mosaic that Invader sent into space for ART4SPACE. This project was groundbreaking as Space One was Invader’s first artwork launched into space, leaving an indelible mark on the history of Invader’s art and forever shaping his career. The screenprint was also available in Space One red and a more limited Space One (Pink) edition.

Invader – Space One (Pink) Print

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This 2013 limited edition signed screen print is a part of Invader’s Space collection. It features a reproduction of the renowned Space One mosaic by Invader, depicting Earth’s stratosphere in the background. In 2012, Invader used an “artisanal spacecraft”, a camera placed on a helium balloon that travelled to space and returned, to capture the artwork’s photo in space, making it the first-ever Invader artwork to journey to space, naming the project ART4SPACE. Invader also created a short film documenting the artwork’s journey, and this print showcases the most significant moment of the journey. This version comes with 3D glasses. You can also find an Art4Space 2D Print.

Invader – Art4Space 3D Print

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Invasion Kits

Check out the vast collection of ‘Invasion Kits’ by Invader, inspired by the Space Invaders game. These limited editions tiled mosaics are the perfect choice for any space mission directly to your home. And the best part? We have Invasion Kits in stock and ready to ship so you can get started on your mission right away.

Invasion Kit #7 Union Space (Unsigned)

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L.E.D. Print

In 2017, the LED screen print was introduced, which inspired the artwork “Moon” by Invader at Brooklyn’s ‘BEYOND the STREETS’ exhibition in 2019. The artwork displays the moon’s terrain adorned with stars, with a bright pink Space Invader character standing against the black background, making it the centre of attention.

Excitingly, the renowned French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, a massive fan of Invader’s work, has extended an invitation to take one of Invader’s pieces to the moon !!!!

L.E.D. Print

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3D Little Big Space

This limited edition sculpture, edited by Musart for Invader in 2022, is a miniature replica of Invader’s largest mosaic in Paris, measuring only 2% of its size. However, it is still created in full volume and retains all the details of the original mosaic. Each of the 5,000 sculptures are individually numbered and engraved with the artist’s signature on the foot, making it a special piece for Invader collectors.

3D Little Big Space

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Space Obsession

Invader has established himself as one of the most enigmatic and boundary-pushing artists of our time; his works are a testament to the power of art to connect people across the world and to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Invader’s approach to public art innovates creativity and imagination, and we look forward to his upcoming Paris 2024 show, “Invader’s Space Station“, celebrating his obsession with space.

Invader’s Space Station. Image copyright Invader

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