NME is a self taught urban artist, currently living in the SouthWest UK. Having been brought up in an urban area, NME was exposed to street art from a very young age.

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NME – Aim for the Stars Print (Main Edition)

Dawlish, United Kingdom

Skating with friends in the city Of Plymouth, and listening to hip-hop; it only seemed natural for NME to pick up a spray can. Besides his street art, he also is involved in the Free Art Friday movement, which sees a number of artists create art which they then leave upon the streets for any art fan who finds it first to take home.

"I just put pencil to paper, knife to card, and hand to can, and try to let the magic happen. It's my labour of love & way of life. I live by... the paint & will probably die by the fumes, Its just what i do."

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NME’s – Aim for the Stars: Behind the scenes