Following an active street art career spanning more than fifteen years, her work can now be found in major cities around the world. Using a wide range of media, including graphite, spray paint, oil paint, ink, photography and collage, her approach is explorative and substrate appropriate – from found and rescued objects, to time-layered and history-textured city walls and their accretions, to studio prepared canvas and wood.

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Faith47 – The Hearts Lonely Thunder Print

Cape Town, South Africa

Through her work, Faith47 attempts to disarm the strategies of global realpolitik, in order to advance the expression of personal truth. In this way, her work is both an internal and spiritual release that speaks to the complexities of the human condition, its deviant histories and existential search.

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Wynwood Walls , Miami 2016

The completed murals of Cities of Hope street art festival, Manchester 2016

Cities of Hope Festival, Street Art Murals Manchester 2016

ArtUnitedUs using Street Art to Promote Peace across the World

“Out in the Open” Aalborg Denmark 2015